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Re: The Ineffectual DPL?

On Wednesday 07 April 2004 23:12, Adam Heath wrote:

> There are countless incidents in Debian's past, where some existing
> developer has left in outrage, because of either some disagreement,
> or having something demanded of them(this list is not exhaustive). 
> At any point, a developer can decide not to continue work, and
> there is not a thing the project can do, to make him(her) continue.

"countless"? Please, if you want to make a point, do so, but stay 
close to the truth. I doubt if there have been more than 10 
developers that left the project just because of an outrage or 
disagreement. Sure disaggreements have been and always be there, but 
to leave the project just because of that, is an exageration, imho.

> Also, the DPL can appoint delegates, or add memebrs to the Tech.
> Ctte.  The DPL can also make descisions when no one else does, and
> decide what to do with funds held for Debian.  In all honesty,

You have yourself described what the DPL do, in effect you're saying 
that a all-technical person should do the more 
adminstrative/organizational tasks. All the DPLs that have passed 
have been highly skilled in technical areas, much more than your 
average CEO will ever be. So I don't see your point.

> having the DPL do these things is not in Debian's best interest. 
> The DPL can change per year, and there are no technical
> requirements for the post.  I would much rather prefer someone to
> make these appointments/decsisions who actually knows what they are
> doing, and have experience doing so.
> So, in summary(I'm rambled on long enough), I see no point in
> having a DPL. None whatsoever.  And I consider all those, past,
> present, and future, who are associated with the DPL office,
> suspect for their motivations in seeking it. I consider them only
> willing to improve their own situation, instead of improving the
> actual Debian Project itself.

I would say rather, improve themselves through Debian. And is that 
bad? After all Debian is NOT about the computers, Debian is a 
philosophy and it is comprised by its members which are people. Hell, 
I don't care about the technical stuff, it's just a means to promote 
a great idea.

>     If you agree with this as I do, then a simple "I agree" will
> suffice, sent in public reply.  Then, start doing real work.

I suppose you would like to run for DPL and organize us?

>     If you don't agree, then by all means, waste your's and
> everyone else's time, by actually attempting to discuss and disect
> this email.  But those who really care about the project will
> ignore the ensuing discussion.

Sometimes, wasting time is nice. Others do it playing card games, 
right now I feel like attempting to discuss and disect this email...



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