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Re: The Ineffectual DPL?

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On Thursday 08 April 2004 08.02, Martin Schulze wrote:

> Most of what the DPL does, you don't see. 

The 	question then is: why is that so?

Is it because most of what the DPL is top secret and can not be 
disclosed to a wider ausience? I don't believe that is the case.

I believe it is because the DPL thinks that most of it won't interest 
most people, so bothering to write about it would be a waste of time. I 
think here is is the problem. IMHO the DPL should publish what he does, 
even if he perceives it as boring details. Write a diary, do a weekly 
'Bits from the DPL', whatever. Let the people see what you do. If it 
*is* boring stuff, people will at least understand why prior DPLs did 
not perceive a need to write about their work. Another possible outcome 
is, of course, endless discussions. Those can probably be separated in 
a part which can be safely ignored and those that really need to be 
discussed (and I claim the first part would be quite large.)

(We had big discussions about the effectivity and afficiency of the 
student's association's board here - of course, with 10000 students, 
and most activities going on at a faculty level, the board is a distant 
body nobody knows about - but it became extremely hard to find people 
willing to donate their time. The solution was mostly just improved 
communication about who does what.)

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