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Re: The Ineffectual DPL?

Adam Heath wrote:
> In the past several years, I have seen a few different DPLs in (in)action.  I
> have not seen the betterment of the Debian Project as a whole(as a result of
> actions the DPLs have done), yet each DPL has said how well they have improved
> the situation.  Additionally, each candidate has vowed to improving Debian,
> yet, in all reality, they will not be able to implement what they desire.

Most of what the DPL does, you don't see.  Most of what they do, I
don't see.  However, I've noticed a lot of what tbm did, since I was
involved in many parts.

The DPL cannot force people to do something.  He only can encourage
people to go a certain path, he cannot force people to actually do so.

However, in order to reach a certain goal, he can try to help people
be able to reach it.  For example, help people get funding to attend
developers meetings.  Help people to fund CD or poster prints to be
given out at conferences.  Help people talk with external entities
about Free Software and the like (saying one is Leader of Debian is
something much different than saying to be a Debian developer).  Most
of this, however, you don't notice because it happens outside of
public mailing-lists.



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