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Mailing list behaviour was: Candidate questions/musings

On Wed, Mar 24, 2004 at 02:56:15AM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> One of the things Bruce did (before my time, I think) was ban people from
> the lists, or convert them to "daily digest mode" for not acting with
> an appropriate amount of decorum. I can't imagine a DPL getting away
> with trying that now, but I also can't imagine any chance of improving
> the environment of the lists without the possibility of resorting to
> something like that.

Converting people to daily-digest mode is something that both Pascal and
I talked about recently. Considering the amount of acrimony various
participants have had, seen recently on debian-vote, and the fact that
some of the public (and private) intervention managed to cool things down 
(a tiny amount).

I think intervening and/or moving people to a daily-digest posting
method will be worthwhile. I'd much prefer a kinder, gentler Debian
development process -- that doesn't mean there can't be disagreements
though. We just need to be civil.

I, personally, suspect that the unfriendliness of Debian is behind a lot
of requests for smaller mailing lists seen by listmaster these days. A 
lot of people don't bother to use the main mailing lists anymore but 
instead find it simpler to gather (via IRC or physically), call people 
up or send private email instead.

There is nothing wrong with any of those of other forms of communicating
but it is sad that large amounts of out developers find our mailing lists 
to be so unfriendly.

"Keep in mind that at the other end of your e-mail is an individual
whose opinions, beliefs, culture, language, and time zone may differ
from your own."
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