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The hole made by swine in rooting (was: Screw) non-free.

> > PS. Dict'ing the subject line confuses me even more. While i
> > certainly have fun with the software, i hope that the originator of
> > this subject did not mean to 'defeat expectation through trickery'
> > or 'oppress'?

> no

> "Screw" is a synonym for "fuck", and as it is not a 4-letter word, it
> is acceptable in conversation between gentlemen...

Thanks, gents!

Btw., local primary school's getting 1pc/kid now. I installed two os's, 
though w.i.n.e provides faster access ;)

Courses now peruse -project@d.o for 'written day to day english'.

Have a nice day, martin

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