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Re: Just a single Question for the Candidates

On Fri, 5 Mar 2004 07:34:11 +1100, Craig Sanders <cas@taz.net.au> said: 

> insightful, except for one important detail.

> the situation does not discriminate against women, in particular, it
> discriminates against a particular personality trait - meekness.

> meekness is found in both men and women, and meek men are
> discouraged from participating in debian (and other groups) just as
> much as women are. men suffer from meekness and have to go through
> all the stress and trauma of overcoming it, just as women do.

> i think one of the major difference in responses to meekness is that
> men are taught that being meek is 'wrong' for them, while women are
> taught that being meek is 'proper' - so men are more likely to fight
> it directly when they see it in themselves because it makes them
> feel ashamed and inadequate.

	Quite. But you too are ignoring one detail: that behavioral
 trait is expressed preferentially in one gender; perhaps due to
 cultural indoctrination, perhaps due to inherent biology.

	The issue was not whether one should welcome meekness.  The
 issue was whether we think that the missing representatiopn of 51% of
 humanity lessens Debian as a project, and whether we feel that is a
 situation that needs be rectified.  We may collectively decide that
 changing the modus operandi is more trouble than the benefits of this
 added participation are worth.

	I do not believe so, but I speak only for myself here.

Love is always open arms.  With arms open you allow love to come and
go as it wills, freely, for it will do so anyway.  If you close your
arms about love you'll find you are left only holding yourself.
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