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Re: Report from the Debian Java developers meeting at FOSDEM

Hi all,

Stefan Gybas wrote:

Arnaud and Dalibor gave a talk about packaging Java software which covered JPackage (http://www.jpackage.org/), Gentoo, FreeBSD and of course Debian. One goal of this talk was to improve collaboration between these projects and Red Hat's effort to package Java software which is compiled to native code using gcj (http://gcc.gnu.org/java/).

I talked to Gentoo-java developers on IRC later, and had the feeling they were quite interested in more collaboration. Maybe we can catch up for the RMLL this year and start devising plans to take over the world :)

larger applications work. So the Wiki page at http://java.debian.net/index.php/MovingJavaToMain which was started by Arnaud is also useful to them. In the future, the Debian Java maintainers will try even harder to make their packages work with free JVMs and send their results to them.

I've discussed that with Jim, and I think I'll start adding the instructions how to run applications with Kaffe to that wiki, to make the life of our packagers a little easier.

Main discussions with Java developers

Besides the issue of better collaboration we also had a lot of technical

- The proposed new Debian Java Policy by Jan Schulz

That's got time till the next debian release is out, I guess.

There were also a lot of other discussions which are more or less relevant for Debian. For example, Chris Halls and Rene Engelhard talked to Dalibor about ways to build the Debian Openoffice.org packages with Java support.

Hey, we've actually got a mailing list now ;) And I've made some commitments to clean up some code to start things off.

Next steps

We'll try to get more Java packages from contrib to main. gjdoc will be a major step for this since this would allow us to build Javadoc API documenation for library packages in main. We will also try to set up some testing environments for building Java packages with Kaffe and SableVM so we don't have to manually try each new upstream version.


We also need to get/keep the free JVMs working on all architectures so they move to testing. This is the part where we currently need most help so if porters have a couple of minutes (or should I say hours?) please help us. Just send a mail to the debian-java mailing list.

For kaffe, I'd say hours. I'd start with cleaning up all the compiler warnings shown in the buildd logs, though. Volunteers are invited to come to #kaffe on irc.freenode.org if they want to lend a hand to kaffe.

But you might as well help out Grzegorz on SableVM, which seems to be much less work to port and fix. I believe that SableVM could always use another good developer and tester, as well, just like gcj/gij and other GNU Classpath based free runtimes would welcome new users and developers. Feel free to join in, if you're interested. We're all a noisy bunch, ocassionally slapping each other silly with licensing questions, but pulling free java in the same direction[1] nevertheless.

dalibor topic

[1] Ahead, of course.

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