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Re: Report from the Debian Java developers meeting at FOSDEM


Thanks for the report!

On Tue, 2004-03-02 at 16:54, Stefan Gybas wrote:
> - Native compilation
>    Mark Wielaard and Tom Tromey showed a natively compiled version of
>    Eclipse (http://www.eclipse.org) using gcj. Arnaud and I talked to
>    them about packaging natively compiled software but this still
>    requires patches for gcj so this is not yet an option for Debian. It
>    will of course be interesting after the release of sarge but let's
>    first see how well this works in the next release of Fedora/Red Hat.

To my defense I must say that I did the demo on a Debian system.
But indeed I build the whole thing on a Red Hat (9) system with a
patched gcj-ssa. The rpms were converted to debs for the demo though
since I didn't want to put a non-Debian system on my laptop.

Hopefully the gcj 3.4 release will be able to run Eclipse interpreted
through gij out of the box (that is not very fast, but not as slow as
you would think). That doesn't solve the build issue though. It is a bit
frustrating that we have all this working with CVS versions and special
branches of the various projects. I understand perfectly well that you
cannot package such a hodgepodge for Debian. Hope you weren't offended
by my teasing that Red Hat gets it, but Debian doesn't. They do take a
couple of short cuts at the moment which aren't appropriate in the long
run, especially not for Debian.



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