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Re: Debian logos

On Sun, 29 Feb 2004, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> The Debian logo{, and all other non-free parts of the Debian website
> listed here, if there are any} are licensed according to the GNU GPL
> {LGPL|X|?} license.

This isn't really necessary. All that is necessary is that any
additional work placed on debian.org be released under a DFSG Free
license, and that the webmasters refrain from placing anything there
that is not.

It doesn't matter if the work is licensed under MIT/X11, BSD 3-clause,
or any other non-controvercial DFSG Free license.

Don Armstrong

Of course, there are ceases where only a rare individual will have the
vision to perceive a system which governs many people's lives; a
system which had never before even been recognized as a system; then
such people often devote their lives to convincing other people that
the system really is there and that it aught to be exited from. 
 -- Douglas R. Hofstadter _Gödel Escher Bach. Eternal Golden Braid_


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