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New Maintainers

This is a summary of the AM report for Week Ending 15 Feb 2004
4 applicants became maintainers.

Stephen Gava <smig>

  At this stage of my career I'm a "jack of many trades"
  I.T. consultant.  In the past I have been in technical support
  (hardware, software and networking) and have been a sysadmin, a
  programmer and an analyst.

  I first became attracted to both the philosophical and technical
  aspects of free software in the earlier days of GNU/Linux, installing
  early slackware versions on pc's from an enormous stack of floppy
  disks. I also became aware of, and began experimenting with, debian,
  quite early in the project's life.

  Work requirements and personal interest over the years since then have
  led me to use many of the major GNU/Linux distributions and several of
  the free BSD variants, but I have always found the most comfortable
  fit for my own outlook in debian, and over the last few years have run
  debian as my personal platform of preference except where impossible
  (eg. retaining a box on my lan that can boot to a proprietary os on
  rare occasions for software testing purposes).

  I have previously contributed to free software as a software author
  and by programming on and coordinating a developmental sub-project for
  the python project. I saw the orphanning of a debian package that I
  had upstream developmental involvement with as the perfect
  opportuinity to begin contributing more directly to debian itself, so
  I adopted that package.  I intend to look at additional software to
  package, or orphanned packages to adopt, as well as looking for a
  place where I think my skills can contribute to the debian project

  I am firmly committed to the philosophical and technical principles of
  free software, and intend to continue to advocate and support the use
  of debian GNU/Linux in my private and working life as I have done in
  the past, and I look forward to being able to contribute to and
  participate in debian more directly as a debian developer.

  Stephen maintains pyching.

Raphael Goulais <rafou>

  I came to linux in 1995 with a slackware provided in a game
  magazine. I was interested in that skull icon that allowed you to kill
  a running application. The first three years with Linux were mainly
  LUG-based.  Then I started to make my living with Linux. I worked for
  several companies, always on Linux-based jobs. The most known of the
  community is Alcove, known as the first Free Software company in
  france. Since 2002, I work as an Open Source Consultant for EDS.

  I want to join Debian and voluteer my time because I've been using it
  for years, and this is the opportunity to contribute to it. As many of
  us, I first thought of building the brightest and clever application,
  and realized soon that there is already lot of stuff out there. The
  real challenge is to get all of this working together.

  Raphael maintains attal, attal-themes-medieval, cherrypy, mma.

Joshua Kwan <joshk>

  By day, I'm a high school student in San Jose, California. I'm
  interested in being a part of a project like Debian that's helped me
  learn a lot more about Linux. And improving it, too - I've been bitten
  by some pretty bunk packages when I was purely being an end user. I'd
  used SuSE Linux and OpenLinux before, and those were pretty crappy,
  but there was no one I could really blame^Wturn to for problems I
  encountered. I find stuff like the Debian BTS to be immensely useful
  for matters like this - I can get directly in touch with the
  maintainer to help him improve his package for all of the Debian user
  community. And that's really cool in my opinion.

  Joshua maintains dist-mp3, gtk-theme-switch, hybserv, and ircd-hybrid.
  He also co-maintains choose-mirror, netcfg, and nethack.

Thibaut Varene <varenet>

  Thibaut is a French Engineering student who has been using computers
  since he was 12. He's been very involved in the Free Software
  community as a PA-RISC porter and has been encouraged by many of
  colleagues on other projects to apply as a Debian developer since he's
  interested and capable of helping out in the Debian project. Speaking
  of his role in free software in the past, Thibaut said:

    I've been contributing to the PA-RISC/Linux porting effort for over
    a year. I felt a great interest for that project, since it enabled
    me to work with very interesting people, coming from various
    horizons; to experience time shifts in team work; to learn many
    things I wouldn't even have guessed otherwise; and moreover, to
    contribute to the Community's effort by helping as best as I

  Thibaut maintains libapache-mod-musicindex.

Thanks (as usual) to Pascal Hakim for compiling this listing.

Martin Michlmayr

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