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Re: 2nd CFP: FOSDEM DevRoom

On Tue, Jan 20, 2004 at 02:40:43PM +0100, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> Hi all,

Any feedback so far?

> Due to organizational issues, the Debian DevRoom will be shared with the
> people from the Free Java community. We agreed on a schedule that gives
> both groups three hours to talk about subjects specific to them, and
> have allocated the remaining three hours to subjects that are, or could
> be, of interest to both groups. As Arnaud Vandyck will be giving a talk
> about Java packaging for Debian, that leaves two shared hours and three
> Debian-specific ones.

Well, first off, I guess the talks should be directed either towards
advanced users/hackers or towards debian developers, right?

OK, here are some suggestions for talks I would like to enjoy =)

1. Dunno if this is worth a talk, but I always thought that the LDAP
setup of the .debian.org boxes is pretty cool and well done, as is
generally the setup. I guess nobody from dsa will be around, but if
somebody else knows the setup, perhaps he'd like to give a talk about
this? (This talk would be mostly for DDs I guess)

2. 'boot-floppies:TNG' 
Anybody from d-i around? Or perhaps somebody who knows it well enough?
Showing off d-i to those fellow hackers (who are the most amenable
towards text-mode installers) would be a nice PR stunt. (This talk
should be addressed to fellow hackers/developers and users)

3. 'Embrace and extent Gentoo: apt-src'
I haven't played with apt-src myself yet, but I think it has big
potential for people who like to compile their stuff. If somebody has
intimate knowledge about this, I'd be quite interested in hearing about
it. (This talks would be directed at hackers and DDs)

4. '5 Reasons why Debian Sarge will Rock Big Time'
Sarge is not far away, and we should draw some attention to it. Now, I'm
not sure I can present 5 reasons already, but here's a first shot at it:
 1. d-i/base-config
 2. apt-src 
 3. OOo/GNOME-2.4/KDE-3.x
 4. New security features perhaps?
 5. foo
(This talk goes to end users)

If nobody steps up, and slots are still to be filled, I might take on
talks 3. or 4., if other people think they would be nice to have.

kicking off,


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