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New Maintainers

This is a summary of the AM report for Week Ending 25 Jan 2004
6 applicants became maintainers.

Petra Malik <petra>

  I studied computer science and finished my PhD thesis a few months
  ago.  Currently, I am working as a research assistant at the
  University of Waikato, New Zealand.

  I installed my first Linux as an undergraduate student.  That must
  be about 8 or 10 years ago.  Since then, I use Linux for almost
  everything and also managed to stay with Linux at work where Windows
  was very popular.  I enjoy administering my Linux systems and playing
  around with them (which makes my husband cry since he would never
  change a running system ;-)

  What would I like to do for Debian? First of all I would like to
  continue maintaining my packages and probably adopt some more. I would
  also like to explore some other areas of the project. I do have
  experience with several programming languages, and could do some
  testing, bugfixing, programming, and writing documentation.

  Petra maintains cdargs and sgf2tex

Laurent Fousse <lfousse>

  I'm a PhD student in Nancy, France at Loria (www.loria.fr). My main
  fields of interest are numerical computation and cryptography.

  I started to play with computers with my Atari 1040 STE, then I
  eventually got a PC with which I started C hacking. I discovered Linux
  in 1998 (which gave me a decent programming environment, at last) and
  Debian GNU/Linux in 2000 when I began studying at the ENS Lyon (the
  number of debian users is quite high there). Its technical quality and
  the fact debian actually has a social contract made it my favourite
  Linux distribution.

  For debian I plan to take care of the packages I already have or will
  have in the archive. I regularly check the wnpp list for packages I
  might take. I'll try not to get stuck only in my packages though (I
  try to help tackling bugs for packages I'm interested in with sending
  patches, and RC bugs as well). I think this fits in the Social
  Contract well.

  I want to volunteer my time because my hacking time takes already a
  significant portion of my time, so I'll gladly make it useful for
  others as well. Sometimes my assignments at work intersect with my
  debian work.

  Laurent maintains gmp-ecm, and megahal

Uwe Steinmann <steinm>

  My first contact with free software was in 1996 when I started to
  write my first extension for PHP (I'm actually using Linux since
  1.1.29 or whenever that NCR SCSI Host Controller was supported, but I
  guess that doesn't count.)

  I wrote another 4 extensions and contributed to the German
  documentation of PHP.

  I also did some gnome applets which you can find at sf (search for
  People = steinm)

  When I still had a RPM based system I made several RPMs for LinuxPPC
  which should be somewhere at the FTP server of linuxppc.org if it
  still exists.

  Currently I'm running debian on Intel and ppc (maybe sparc in the
  near future).  I thought, since there aren't likely too many people
  running debian on ppc I could contribute some work.

  Uwe maintains gpmudmon-applet

Daniel Gubser <guterm>

  Daniel has been playing with Linux at 1997, with Debian 1.3. Since
  then he has tried others until 2000, when Philipp Frauenfelder, from
  his LUG, lured him again to Debian.

  Daniel's interested on security and so has packaged psad. He's also
  shown interest on packaging software from the Linux Terminal Project.

  Daniel maintains uptimed

Markus Braun <mbr>

  My name is Markus Braun. I'm 30 years old and live in southern
  Germany. On work I use Debian GNU/Linux as OS for my workstation and
  in my spare time I write small programs or contribute to larger free
  software projects.  I'm also a founding member of a local LUG and
  participate in the events of that group.

  I started working with computers at school in the late 80s. By that
  time I used computers just to get my work done. Later I studied a
  combination of electrical engineering and computer science. That was
  the point in time when I got in touch with Linux. In 1996 I installed
  Slackware as third OS on my 540MB hard disk (besides Windows 3.1 and
  OS/2 :). Later on I switched to SuSE.  But I soon was very unhappy
  with it, because it had overwritten my handmade configuration several
  times. In 1998 I switched to Debian, because it was as free as the
  software I used and I instantly fell in love with it.

  Markus maintains tpb

Arnd Bergmann <arnd>

  I'm a kernel hacker working on the s390 port for IBM Germany. I've been
  a Linux user since ca. 1995 or 1996 and have used more than a dozen
  different distributions, two of which I have maintaining myself: an
  embedded mini distro for arm and i386 at my former employer and our
  current in-house s390 system at IBM. We're currently moving from
  Red Hat based to Debian based, which means a lot of porting work to
  establish a 64 bit s390x Debian system.

  I want to make sure that work is not duplicated since the same changes
  are needed to support 64 bit user space on s390x/x86_64/sparc64/...
  (as opposed IA64 and alpha, which are different). As part of this,
  I'd like to work on the policy for packaging 64 bit binaries and on
  fixing the packages that don't follow the new policy. I also intend
  to (co-)maintain some of the s390 specific packages like s390tools
  and the s390 kernel package, currently owned by Jochen Rohrig

Thanks (as usual) to Pascal Hakim for compiling this listing.

Martin Michlmayr

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