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New Maintainers

This is a summary of the AM report for Week Ending 18 Jan 2004
7 applicants became maintainers.

Moray Allan <moray>

  I'm currently a PhD student at Edinburgh University, doing research on
  probabilistic models. As an undergraduate I studied theology at Cambridge

  I was first introduced to Debian by Chris Rutter, with whom I shared an
  interest in the ARM architecture. In more recent years that interest has
  led me to work on free software for handheld computers; I am a developer in
  the GPE project, which provides a free GUI palmtop environment, using X and
  GTK. I'm already maintaining Debian packages for several GPE components,
  and intend to package more components as they become ready.

  Moray maintains gpq-julia, gpe-taskmanager, gpe-todo, libdisplay-migration,
  libtododb, teleport

Andreas Barth <aba>

  I live in the city of München (Munich) in Bavaria, Germany, Europe,
  and work as a Software Engineer. Before working for money, I studied

  I started using Linux in 1996. My first Linux-system was Slackware,
  which I transferred home on a lot of floppy disks. After that, I tried
  RedHat, and started using Debian in 2000. With Slackware, and also
  with RedHat, I had to compile a lot of updates by myself, which was
  not too comfortable. Furthermore, I started to connect my computers
  more often to the internet, so I needed reliable (and easy-to-use)
  security updates. This was one major argument to try Debian, and now
  I'm really happy with it.

  It was always normal for me to share patches and fixes with the
  community. So it was just logical that I reported bugs via the BTS,
  wrote patches for them and tried to get my fixes really in. Debian
  (the distribution) is very useful to me; so it's also normal to give
  something back. For both reasons I became maintainer of a few
  packages, and also did some polishing work, e.g. the closing and
  re-titling of old WNPP-entries. Though I did enjoy the work outside my
  own packages, I have now enough open bugs at my hands to just work on
  my packages for the next time. After fixing the bugs, I'll do some
  more work outside my packages again.

  Andreas maintains dpkg-sig, libapache-mod-dav, mgetty, netpbm-free

Jarno Elonen <elonen>

  I'm a programmer and have done mostly computer game development - in
  a very broad sense - for living. I'm pretty fluent in wide variety
  of aspects in software development and have had a chance to do
  pretty much anything from sound and graphics design to scripting,
  GUI programming, webmastering, video codec design and project

  Even after having been a founder in two companies, however, I still
  dislike business world in principle. In addition to being greedy and
  competitive by definition, it all feels kind of shallow: do boring
  and questionable things to get a product sold for a couple of months
  and then just forget about it - keeping all the copyrights and code
  for yourself, "just in case" or "to protect the owners'
  value". While I like the work itself, I loathe wasting and
  competition. A human life is short and I know I can contribute more
  that that. Until the business culture changes radically or I give up
  IT for something completely different, "Sustainable Software" on my
  free time is the way to go about it.

  Some of my activities:
   + Finnish translations of a few programs
   + Packaging and fixing applications (KDE apps,
     OpenOffice, video and graphics stuff)
   + Upstream development: http://agistudio.sf.net/
   + Open *Content* projects like
     http://sanakirja.sf.net/ (an ambitious Finnish<->English lexicon
     Creative Commons @ Finland (discussing, maybe scripting, coming up)
   + Webmastering EFFI.org (Electronic Frontier Finland
   + Debian specific development:

  Jarno maintains agistudio, imediff, nagi.

Steinar Gunderson <sesse>

  I am a 20 year old student from Norway, currently studying for a
  master degree (second year, of five) in communication technology at
  the Norwegian University for Science and Technology (NTNU),
  Trondheim. I came to Linux in 1997 (I think), after having read a lot
  about it (using Linux as only operating system on my machines since
  1999). My first installation was of Slackware 3.4, but after a few
  years I heard about this Debian' thing and saw it in action, being
  particularly impressed by their packaging system (then only
  controllable via dpkg and dselect :-) ), leading to a switch (or
  rather, a gradual migration) to Debian.

  After a while, I understood how much work was put into the packaging
  and integration of these systems, and wanted to give something
  back. Thus my intent to become a DD. :-) (Also, it's usually a lot
  easier to get problems fixed if you can do it yourself :-) )

  Steinar maintains mozilla-locale-no-nb, as well as amoeba, and amoeba-data

Isaac Jones <ijones>

  I am a professional software developer working in Columbus, Ohio.  I
  recently graduated from Ohio State with a degree in Computer Science.
  I have never flipped over a car in a riot.

  I have experience in a variety of programming languages including
  professional experience in C, C++, Java, and Haskell.  I also have a
  great deal of interest in compilers and artificial intelligence.  I
  currently work for an A.I. development firm and do a lot of Haskell

  Isaac maintains haskell-mode, hat, hugs98, xppaut

Frank Lichtenheld <djpig>

  I'm Frank Lichtenheld, a twenty-four years old student of physics at the
  University of Karlsruhe, Germany. Besides my studies and my engagement in
  Debian I'm very active in student politics as member of our student
  parliament and as member of the students representation at our faculty.

  Before I came first in contact with Linux at the University about three
  years ago, I had mostly used Windows 9x (and before that MS-DOS) and had
  only basic programming experiences in Pascal and C.  My main skills are now
  programming in Perl and text editing (LaTeX).

  I came to Debian in spring 2002 when we had to replace a Windows/Mac OS
  network of Desktop PCs  at our students representation with something that
  works... After only having some experiences with SuSE I got quickly
  impressed by Debian's stability and superior package management. While
  learning to use Debian I also learned how to improve it and so I got
  involved. I started translating websites, adopted some packages and am
  currently searching my place in doing QA work.

  I maintain lincvs and doc-linux (the latter together with Colin Watson).
  I'm also very active as German translator and editor for the Debian

Göran Weinholt <weinholt>

  I'm a student of computer science and engineering at Chalmers University
  of Technology in Göteborg, Sweden. I'm also the system administrator at AB
  Strakt where I take care of mostly Debian boxen. I've used Linux since
  1997, and I've been learning C for almost as long.

  I want to volunteer my time to Debian because it's a free operating system,
  and I think that is a very nice thing to be working on. It's also very fun.
  I intend to maintain a small set of packages that I care alot about, and
  then mostly do QA work. I'd like to make the list of RC bugs smaller, and
  being able to NMU packages myself would really help alot.

  Göran currently maintains aterm (previously sponsored by Jordi Mallach) and
  giftcurs (previously sponsored by Robert McQueen, his advocate).

Thanks to Pascal Hakim for compiling this listing.

Martin Michlmayr

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