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Re: debian extensions.

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Clinging to sanity, Colin Watson mumbled in his beard:

> On Mon, Jan 26, 2004 at 01:27:02PM +0530, prasad wrote:
>> I have a suggestion. Debian should come up with some way that allows 
>> people to sort of extend the distro like a mozilla extension.[...]

I feel that this is already working quite good - Knoppix, Xandros, and
others making Debian-based distributions. The thing that perhaps is missing
is a user-oriented place where people can read about what Debian variants
are out there.

> I'd like us to put out something like "developer snapshots" that aren't
> quite full releases (specifically, their installation system may not be
> ready, and they're allowed to have other weaknesses) but would
> nevertheless let third parties build their own releases on top of them.

Hmm. I can't see the benefit of a developer snapshot over a distributor
taking a more or less arbitrary subset of testing at some time - unless
you'd want DDs do some quality assurances of these snapshots (so they are a
good deal better than current testing, which I found to be in a generally
quite good shape). Does Debian have this manpower? Or could these snapshots
help the devel process enough to make it worthwile to allocate the
manpower? Disclaimer: I haven't thought more than 30s about this, so
probably I'm missing a lot of what you were thinking.

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