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debian extensions.


I have been using a windows pc @ office, but use many open tools on it. I have been testing mozilla whenever they used to release new versions. But stability & memory hog were a major issue. With Firebird latest release (0.7), it shines and matches IE. And when it comes to features, one who hasn't seen the extension revolution of mozilla is in for a big surprise. It just rocks!!

I think, in linux distro arena, many have started their own variants just for having some special feature that they want in their distro. Somehow these distros might fulfill that special purpose well, however they can't obviously do all that's required for a distro to sustain, quite as well as one should.

I have a suggestion. Debian should come up with some way that allows people to sort of extend the distro like a mozilla extension.Ok, I know the comparison is shaky, these 2 things are quite different, but I guess u got the idea.We can prevent the forks, Debian doesn't have any problem as maybe RH might have to allow others to rebrand/steal the spotlight..., so the people that extend, can get some of the credit.. but debian can keep some of the places where the origin can become obvious. Debian will be immensely benefited, as the effort to produce an extension on existing solid distro will be smaller that the full blown distro even for something like a floppy/cd based distro.

This will probably require some reorganisation & legal issues of core distro & the extension, but it will be worth it!


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