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Re: debian extensions.

Scott James Remnant wrote:

On Mon, 2004-01-26 at 07:57, prasad wrote:
I have a suggestion. Debian should come up with some way that allows people to sort of extend the distro like a mozilla extension.

We already have this; anybody can set up an APT repository and users can
add the appropriate lines to their sources.list, extending the list of
packages available to them.

Isn't that what you're after?

hmm, look at it this way, what would make people create some sort of extension that atttaches to debian, instead of creating/forking an existing distro, to create their own specialised thing. for example, various CD/floppy based special purpose distros. If this requires, these ppl to set up apt repository (which I am not sure will do the trick), then this probably needs to be made so easy, that (most of) them would never bother to think of their own way. Maybe then we need to persue a few of debian inspired forks to move over. But if this sort of thing is is easy enough & well publicised, it will at least add a few of new efforts starting within the new extensible debian tag.

This will just be the boost that will make debian, what open office, & mozilla are to their respective categories. Heck, look @ what people r doing to google, I am sure you have seen the graphical mapping of various search results of google. This seems like how unix filter utilities extend the overall power of the system.



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