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Re: It is very important replying me, please

On Sat, Jan 10, 2004 at 08:32:52PM -0200, geremias.4 wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> At the moment, Iam running debian 3.0 on my pc, but after having 
> installed it, it did not recognize my video card which is GeForce4 
> MX440. Besides, I have tried over and over its resolution 1024x786 with 
> 16 bits, 1024x786 with 24 bits, 800x640 with 16 bits or 800x640 with 24 
> bits has been entirely in vain. Thus, I made up my mind to email you, in 
> order to know how could I work it out. In anyway, I shall be awaiting 
> your response as soon as possible, and thanks a lot for your 
> understanding and cooperation.
> 					Sincerely,
> 					Ziad Fazah

Please direct this query to the debian-user mailing list, which is a
more appropriate forum, and will probably garner you a swifter reply.

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