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Re: Strawpoll on proper usage of @debian.org email address

Josip Rodin wrote:
> Err, your description is way too overgeneralized; other people post as @d.o
> to the BTS without any problems[1]. I suggest you have -admin diagnose the
> exact problem at hand, and fix that.

I have posted specific descriptions of the problem to debian-devel and
debian-admin weeks ago, with no reaction from anyone in a position to do

> [1] Lord knows that if it happened to any noticeable percentage of
>     developers, we at owner@bugs would be long drawn and quartered...

My experience is that it's very easy to not notice that the BTS is
infinitly deferring your BTS mails, unless you keep a very close
eye on your outgoing mail queue and bounces folder. It could easily be
happining to others besides me.

see shy jo

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