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Re: [cbeasley@noment.net: Debian Question Regarding Postgresql Replication]

Oliver Elphick, 2003-11-28 22:40:19 +0100 :


> However, I am happy to take on the task of packaging replication if
> there is demand for it.

I believe replication is the one remaining reason for people to still
use MySQL instead of PostgreSQL.  I for one would love to see some
PostgreSQL replication available out of the box on Debian.

> I seem to recall from the PostgreSQL mailing lists that some form of
> replication will be in 7.5, and I believe that the upstream
> developers regard this as having quite a high priority.

  That's good news.

> However that is probably 9 months off.

  I'll wait :-)

  Thanks for your work in the meantime,

Roland Mas

Certains disent que les vrais hommes ne font pas de backups.
Mais ils disent aussi que même les vrais hommes pleurent parfois.

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