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Re: [Spi-trademark] Re: Shops in cafepress.com that seel Debian merchandise

* Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña <jfs@computer.org> [2003-11-15 14:46]:
> Well, having a "Debian shop" might (or might not) qualify as
> trademark violation. Having a shop called "Geek stuff" that sells
> Debian mugs is not the same as having a shop called "Debian stuff"

Oh, right.  I thought we were talking about the logo.  

> I'm worried about people attracting customers because they say they
> do make donations when in fact they don't. The same could be said
> for CD vendors, I have seen some that claim to make donations when
> in fact they do not.  That's what I'm worried about. Maybe I was not
> sufficiently explicit.

I understand you now.  I will check with the SPI treasurer whether
we have received donations from those shops.

Martin Michlmayr

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