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Bug#210879: Questions about Quorum / short

Short comments...  see next message for longer ones.  (Nothing bilious.)

On 2 Nov 2003, at 13:10, Manoj Srivastava helpfully wrote:

> > Is there a 'canonical' way of finding, or place to find, the current
> > number of developers?
> 	Given the Debian keyrings (available from keyring.debian.org),
>  you can try running dvt-quorum from  the package devotee  (the arch
>  repository for that is at
>  http://arch.debian.org/arch/private/srivasta/archive-2003/) 

Tried it, but it's too complicated for just fetching one number.

I wish there was a web page or some sort of server that simply had the current 
number of developers somewhere; other users might find it convenient as well.  
Maybe that's a separate 'wishlist' bug...  

> > Is the current number of developers likely to fall below 100?
> 	Highly unlikely.

I should have said 65 developers, and if that number is even more unlikely, 
then that's all the more reason the text might be condensed, sans algebra.  

> > Is there a rationale behind this quorum formula of '3/2 of a square root'?
> 	It feels right. The sqrt ensures that the quorum growsx
>  monotonically as the developer body grows, but does not rise too fast
>  so as to make votes hard.  It it's attractive because it works well
>  even with absurdly low quorums; and it's roughly sensible, and no
>  one's come up with any reason to do anything different

Thank you for the explanation.

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