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Bug#210879: Questions about Quorum

> Some questions:

> Is there a 'canonical' way of finding, or place to find, the current
> number of developers?

	Given the Debian keyrings (available from keyring.debian.org),
 you can try running dvt-quorum from  the package devotee  (the arch
 repository for that is at

> Is the current number of developers likely to fall below 100?

	Highly unlikely.

> Is there a rationale behind this quorum formula of '3/2 of a square root'?

	It feels right. The sqrt ensures that the quorum growsx
 monotonically as the developer body grows, but does not rise too fast
 so as to make votes hard.  It it's attractive because it works well
 even with absurdly low quorums; and it's roughly sensible, and no
 one's come up with any reason to do anything different


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