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Re: For the LINUX survive !! Read this mail !!

Am 2003-11-01 22:11:39, schrieb Lolo Fant@sio:
>Hi ,
>I am french and user of Windows , I want change for Linux , but I have a 
>probleme whitch Microsoft Palladium projet... I think you know if Palladium 
>(alias TCPA) install in USA and Europe it's the dead of other os, because 
>"Open Sources" can't live because whith TCPA all programme have got 
>Certificat of Security , open source it's not for all user change the 
>source for personal use ? , I don't understand why RED HAT and other LINUX 
>EDITOR don't move ! If you want Linux dead ignore this mail , If you want 
>Linux live , Start Request to the Justice... If TCPA don't install in USA , 
>all world can live in liberty , live in LINUX !!

This is not right, because Mainboards with TCPA-Chip on it have the 
Chip disabled by default. Never it will be activated by default. 

This is the Technologie.

You are very malinformed...

>Ps : I wait to see if TCPA live or not , because It's stupid install linux 
>if I can go on the net...

??? Why ???

The TCPA is only for certification. So if you install Windows you will 
need the chip. If you install ONLY a crapy and free OS you won't need 
it and have no cetification. ;-)

Bon journee
de Strasbourg

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