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For the LINUX survive !! Read this mail !!

Hi ,
I am french and user of Windows , I want change for Linux , but I have a probleme whitch Microsoft Palladium projet... I think you know if Palladium (alias TCPA) install in USA and Europe it's the dead of other os, because "Open Sources" can't live because whith TCPA all programme have got Certificat of Security , open source it's not for all user change the source for personal use ? , I don't understand why RED HAT and other LINUX EDITOR don't move ! If you want Linux dead ignore this mail , If you want Linux live , Start Request to the Justice... If TCPA don't install in USA , all world can live in liberty , live in LINUX !!
Lolo , a french lover of informtique and liberty

Ps : I wait to see if TCPA live or not , because It's stupid install linux if I can go on the net...

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