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New Maintainers

This is a summary of the AM report for Week Ending 26 Oct 2003.
3 applicants became maintainers.

Joachim Breitner <nomeata>

  I made contact with debian in April 2002. My hard drive crashed, and I
  wanted to set up a system as fast as possible to do my e-mails. I had no
  CD of any OS available in that moment (I was on a student exchange in
  Washington State) and I heard about the good netinstall capabilites of
  Deiban, so I downloaded a 30MB CD-Image and installed debian without
  much care on my workstation, since I tought it was only a temporary
  installation. But even then, debian was so amazingly stable and fit
  perfectly my needs, it't the installation I still use, and at last
  without the need for commercial software. Later I migrated my server to
  debian and moved my brother to using debian. I also took over the by now
  abandonned internet cafe in my school, installed debian and set it up
  using thin diskless X-Clients. I also remotely installed debian on a
  rented Server (puretec.de rootserver) for a gamesever, because I did not
  want to use the preinstalled SuSE.

  Joachim maintains gnometab.

Daniel Stone <daniels>

  I am a part-time hacker on (largely) open source software, when I'm not
  busy being a student. I have been involved with many aspects of many
  projects - maintaining apache2 and most of KDE within Debian, as well as
  co-maintaining XFree86; upstream work on several components of KDE,
  including a small amount of work on the build system; and also minor
  co-ordination work within the Xwin project (now mostly absorbed by
  freedesktop.org). I also spend quite some time co-ordinating with the
  Gentoo and Red Hat XFree86 maintainers to try and keep our patch sets quite
  in sync with each other, and share the workload - I set up
  packagers-list@xwin.org with Mike Harris.

  I was first introduced to Linux by my father at age 12 - although he
  was/is a rabid NT fan, he encouraged me to give something different a
  shot.  "Something different" turned out to be Slackware 2.2 from an
  InfoMagic CD; although I didn't like Slackware and spent all night playing
  paranoia because I couldn't get X working, I was converted and bought
  Red Hat Linux 5.1 the next day, eventually transitioning to Debian.

  Daniel maintains dbtcp, dbus, libapache2-mod-xslt and is part of the XSF.

Arnaud Vandyck <avdyk>

  I am graduated in journalism but never wanted to work in this area. For
  three years now, I am a trainee in Internet Programming. I teach
  algorithmics, database analysis, linux, xml and java. I am Sun Certified
  Programmer for Java 2 Platform and working on the dev certification. I
  work at the University but am not researcher nor Professor! My audience
  is unemployed people (the program is full day-time and longs 6 month). I
  do use Debian for about three years now (two years without dual boot!
  ;)) at work (x86) and about a year on my G3 at home (no dual boot!).

  I am very interresting in java, xml (also docbook) and web services. I
  love Debian specially for the way it is developed, the social contract
  and the free software guide lines.

  Also, I am 31 years old and promote the use of Debian in our trainee
  program <http://www.stefi.fapse.ulg.ac.be/webco/communique.html>. I also
  organize a Linux Copy Party with Debian installation amoung other things

  Arnaud maintains libdtdparser-java, libgnujaxp-java, libnsuml-java, and

Martin Michlmayr

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