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New Maintainers

This is a summary of the AM reppot for Week Ending 19 Oct 2003.
3 applicants became maintainers.

Matt Flax <flatmax>

  I am 29 and have been using Linux since the early nineties. I started
  with a distro called "Linux Universe". I switched to Debian many
  years ago and loved it 'cause of its robustness and easy to manage
  packaging system.

  I decided to join Debian for many reasons. One of the unique reasons
  is so that I can package software for people who want to research how
  we hear sound (which is the topic of my PhD in Electrical
  Engineering). To skill up I released a debianised library package of
  my own. I have interests in Hip Hop and used to be part of a
  collective called 'The Herd'. They sing political Hip Hop about
  justice for the masses. I have interest in creating a song for this
  community... stay tuned.  Since the evolution of live CDs (such as the
  Knoppix derivatives), it is more important the ever to get Debian
  packaged up to a greater degree so that more variants can be pressed
  for people of different professions. I am proud to be a part of this

  Matt maintains mffm-fftw.

Henning Glawe <glaweh>

  He got his first i386 in 1993, working mostly under DOS. After
  gathering a bit of experience, in 1995 he discovered Linux. The first
  distribution he got was a SuSE, but dropped this after a month of
  trying because he disliked the administrative concept behind it. Then
  he tried Slackware, was very content with it, so he worked using it to
  1997. At that time he began to use RedHat, used it to 1999, tried
  Mandrake for a month, switched back to RedHat. In early 2001 he tried
  Debian Woody, and after resolving the installer problems he decided
  that this was _the_ distribution.

  In autumn 2001 he got a job as a part-time sysop in the department oF
  Physics, Freie Universität Berlin, where he studies since 1999. They
  had a very heterogenous network of FreeBSD, Tru64, Redhat, SuSE and 2
  Debian Potatoe machines; he decided to switch as many machines as
  possible to Debian Woody for its superior package management and
  administrability.  They set up a FAI (Fully Automatic Installation,
  available as woody deb). Now he puts much work into FAI itself
  and has worked out a remote administration system out of it, which
  seems at least do work ;) He has much contact with FAIs developer to
  get as much of my work merged into FAI as possible, but due to the
  woody release there were no merges for half a year...

  He spent much time in building locally used debian packages (some of
  them only locally usable because of license issues, e.g. Wolfram's
  Mathematica), and after a year of working on many packages he want to
  put as many of them as possible into Debian; because there's much work
  in them and he thinks many could be useful for other people as well.

  Henning maintains ircp.

Martin Pitt <mpitt>

  First, let me introduce myself briefly. I'm currently 23 years old,
  live in Dresden, Germany and study computer science in the 8th
  semester. I have used Debian for several years now and like it for its
  stability, quality and transparency. I started programming when I was
  10 years (good old C64) I'm impressed of the performance of the OSS
  community, thus the Debian Project seems to fit me very well.

  I began helping Debian by sending bug reports and some patches and
  helped translating in the DDTP. Half a year ago I created my first
  package and Martin Godisch offered to help me.

  Martin maintains clanbomber, cracklib2, epstools, fibusql, latex-ucs,
  planets, qiv and co-maintains postgresql.

Thanks to Pascal Hakim for compiling this listing.

Martin Michlmayr

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