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Re: Trusted Debian/Adamantix

On 2003-09-20 06:52:31 +0100 Benj. Mako Hill <mako@debian.org> wrote:

While we're intentionally trying to keep the numbers and the
involvement of members high feel free to write to Greg about joining
the list. I believe gpomerantz@cgsh.com will work.

Sorry, I wasn't trying to propose myself to this committee. I am probably underqualified on trademark and generally dislike use of trademarks, monopolising use of a word. I am concerned that it appears to be working in secret, which is different to most of Debian. I hope that it will try to consult the project members in the near future.

I am worried that this committee may create a restrictive policy
without member participation.
The committee will create a policy that the representatives of SPI and
Debian are both happy with.

Who are the committee representatives) and what are their position statements on the current trademarks?

Once we have something, Debian, and/or
other projects (SPI associated or otherwise) will be able to use, or
not use, the policy at their discretion.

Will a GR happen for Debian before adoption of this, or does the DPL intend to use his powers?

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