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Are you strongly connected? A Debian keyring analysis

I did a new brief analysis of the Debian keyring to see how big the
strongly connected set of keys is at the moment, just before the big
keysigning at DebConf3. The results are at http://liw.iki.fi/liw/debian/

It would be good to have all keys in the Debian keyring in a strongly
connected set, i.e., so that there is a signature path from every key to
every other key in the keyring. This is probably impossible in practice,
but it would be good to be as close as possible.

Also, it helps to have the signature paths as short as possible. This
also improves the quality of the web of trust. At the moment, the big
strongly connected set has a median path length of five and a longest
shortest path between any two keys of twelve.

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