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Re: Java Distribution

Moin Christian!
Christian Heller schrieb am Thursday, den 03. July 2003:

> There used to be the http://sourceforge.net/projects/redtea/ project
> that set out to build a Java equivalent of RPM (RedHat Package Manager).
> It was "red" because of RedHat. It was "tea" in response to Java (coffee).

Lool. Don't forget to set minimum hardware requirements to Pentium2 or

Eduard, cursing about the performance of the current dpkg.
<krid> Hi, gibts einen Kazaa client für GNU?
<panthera> krid: falsche frage
<krid> panthera: Gibt es einen Kazaa client für Debian GNU/Linux? :-)
<panthera> krid: falsche frage ;)
<krid> panthera: Hm. Welche Frage ist die richtige?
<panthera> krid: gibt es einen freien ftp-client fuer linux?

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