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Security technology for Linux system

Title: Zpráva
 Dear Sir or Madam, 

It gives me a pleasure introducing our Company REKONix Ltd.  and its flagship product “Stadrin for Linux” (
www.stadrin.com ) . It is an efficient and a cost effective solution to protect your network with Strong Authentication based on proven technology of VASCO Data Security (www.vasco.com )

Stadrin for Linux:
Stadrin is an application, designed as an accessory for Linux that allows strong user authentication for system services that support PAM. The application allows Linux to use strong One Time Passwords (OTP) instead of weak static passwords. OTP is generated by an authentication calculator called token which is protected by a user defined PIN.

Tested distributions:

  Debian, RedHat 7.x, 8.0, SCO OpenLinux, SuSE 7.3, 8.0, 8.1, SCO Linux server, Mandrake, etc.

STADRIN  uses an authentication subsystem PAM and cooperates with all services, that support PAM.  

Př: ssh, login, su, telnet, samba, ftp, apache, php, perl, pop3, imap, smtp,

 webmin, gdm, xdm, informix, reboot, xscreensaver, ppp  etc. 


  With a use of RADIUS  and  PAM  the number of services expands beyond the Linux platform.

: Microsoft RAS, Checkpoint VPN-1/FireWall-1, Oracle 9i, CISCO routers...


We are currently looking out for a company, who can take up the distribution of our Product.  If you are open to such collaboration or any business proposal for mutual benefit please revert back to me.
For more information on our company and product please login to
www.stadrin.com  or feel free to write to me.
Yours Sincerely

Marie Sucháňová
Account manager
REKONix Ltd.

Tel:   +420 272 65 40 37
GSM: +420 603 427 720

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