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Re: Debian Organisation

natascha.neukam@inode.at wrote:

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I don´t know exactly if you are the right one to ask my questions, but I
hope you coudl try to help me.
I´m an austrian student and I live in Graz.
Some colleagues and me have to write a paper about the FSF concerning
it´s organisation structures, projects etc.
Now some questions appeared which I cannot answer without some
explanations of you.

How is the organisation structure of Debian?

Is it somehow related to the FSF?

Who founded it?

Is ´Debian  personally, financially or organizationally related to the FSF or
other projects?

It would be very helpful for me if you could find the time to answer
thes questions.

Have a nice day and also weekend.
I thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

Natascha Neukam

Dear Natascha,

The project history can be found at


the current organisational structure is as follows:

- Debian consiusts of many developers, all of which work on a voluntary basis (afaik). Most maintain one or more packages in the distribution.

For a who's who, look at http://www.debian.org/intro/organization

Robert Ribnitz (developer in application)

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