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Re: spam sent to debian.org addresses

robertle@semistable.com wrote:

>> >A lot of legitimate mail can be trivially blocked this way, as well, which
>> >is why it doesn't make sense to drop it on the server side.
>> No. Using SBL definitely does not block "a lot" of legitimate mail.
>in some cases it does. using SPEWS for example would lead to all of my
Non sequitur. I wrote "SBL", not "SPEWS", "DSBL" or anything else.
SBL has near-zero false positives and is used by major companies and
governments from all over the world.

>mails being dropped because there is an online casino somewhere in my
>providers netblock... (btw, does anybody know whats the problem with an
>online casino???)
I assume the problem is that it's spam-advertised.


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