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Frustrating Product Delivery Methods

Hi guys...
    I'm a retired avionics technician, and would love to have an alternative to windoze, and would love to try Debian.
Unfortunately, the download methodologies and in particular, the understandability of the download instructions and
the assumption of user knowledge prevents me from even attempting to download Debian. I am on disability, so my limited
income excludes purchasing a CD from a vendor. I downloaded Jigsaw Download, and the instructions say to run the script...
...how do you do that, precisely?..there is no explanation. I then tried a direct image download, but was presented with a whole list of files...do I need them all?...is there an order in which to download them?....again, no explanation....I feel like the attitude is one of "If you are not a geek,  you aren't welcome"....I hope I am wrong. I and several of my friends would love to try Debian, but none of us can figure out how to even D/L the thing, let alone install and use (and contribute to!!!) Debian.
    I hope that, in the future, a more user-friendly method of downloading Debian can be worked out. Being a retired avionics technician, I'm fairly well technology-savvy, so if I'm having problems, then I know others must be having similar problems and questions. I hope that, by calling attention to this situation, Debian may be able to streamline this process, thereby increasing usage of your product, and increasing customer satisfaction and market penetration.
    Thankyou for your time in reading this, and I hope that I may, at some point, be able to actually see what Debian is capable of. I'm pulling for you, because ANY alternative to Windoze would be a definite Godsend. Good luck to you and the Debian team.
    Victor Watkins strat-man@attbi.com

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