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International Coperation Project

Dear Mr/Mrs:   
   We are two young people from Barcelona; Anna V.
Guasch (psycologist, 25 years old),  and Roger Rossell
(Philosophy student and networking technic, 25 years
old),  we are developing a project based on the Free
Software philosophy:
   The project consists in sending computer stuff to a
Peruan University (Universidad Nacional de Ucayali,
sitted in Pucallpa, east Peru), and build some
networks in there,  everything based on GNU/Linux
O.S., concretely Debian distribution.
   This University is very poor in resources (they are
2,500 students and they have only 15 computers!, also
the Internet connections are quite old), and that's
why they need some help.
   The basic idea is to teach GNU/Linux and software
based on GNU, so they will be able to administrate
their own networking.
   We would like to know your opinion about this and,
if it's possible, Debian could help us in
technic questions or whatever.
   We are in contact with that University, and we are
also in contact with some spanish Universities for
recycling their old computer stuff.
   Thank you very much and congratulations for your
work. Another world is possible!

Anna V. Guasch
Roger Rossell

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