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Re: Why are these packages in Debian?

> I don't know about anarchism (never looked at it), but from my
> point of view, bible-kjv-text is in there because it's useful
> reference material.  I would support packaging, e.g., the
> collected works of Shakespeare for the same reason.  bible-kjv
> is a program for searching through bible-kjv-text, it's there for
> the same reasons that any other free software program is.

You are right, the Bible, or the collected works of Shakespeare, are 
important pieces for culture. But they have nothing to do in an operating 
system! Why to privilege one religion or political opinion? How to 
distinguish "useful" (as David Nusinow said) or useless texts? It's simply 
impossible. So you will have to collect lots and lots of books to avoid 
"Discrimination Against Persons or Groups" (as written in the Debian Free 
Software Guidelines), and that's not the duty of an operating sytem.

> (By the way, please wrap your lines at about 70 characters, and use
> a mailer that preserves threading information.  Your mails are painful
> to read and reply to.)

I'm sorry. I've corrected the problem.


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