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My name is Alexandre, I am a college student from Brazil, and I am getting to know more about Debian as I trying to get it to work with my Geforce Video Card. But I am not sending this email looking for tips on the Debian XF86 configuration.

When I was looking for guides, how-tos and other sources of documentation to help me install and configure Debian, I realize that like in others OpenSource softwares, Debian users all over the world can, sometimes,  write better documents then the ones on the debian.org site.
So I think, if you guys could do something to make the debian users contribute more on the debian site, we will have a better and bigger documentation for debian on one place.

So, I remember of a great project called Wikipedia(wikipedia.org). If you guys don't know, Wikipedia is a project to create a multilingual encyclopedia with the participation of every one who have knowledge about anything. For instance, if you have some knowledge on the topic OpenSource, you can go there and some articles about OpenSource, or if know something about, let's see, 'gynecology', you can go there right now, and add some information about it.
My Idea is to use wikipedia to stimulate the participation of Debian users on the documentation process. I can tell you, that when I finally win my struggle to install debian with my Geforce, I would be pleased to write some information about it, and help other users with the same problem.

obs: If that's not the email to send that kind of sugestion, please tell me for who should I send it.

Alexandre Ubaldo

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