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Time servers (ntp) wanted


In short: If you have a computer with a static IP address, I'd be glad
if you'd run ntpd and offered it for public use on the time.fortytwo.ch
DNS round robin. Expected traffic is very low - I hope to get as many
time servers as I can, so the load will be spread as far as possible.

The longer version:

In the comp.protocols.time.ntp newsgroup, it was discussed that some of
the public time servers (as listed somewhere on ntp.org) are having
problems with too much traffic.

I figured: for everyday use, accuracy is no problem (Who cares if their
clock goes 100ms wrong?). So, I'm trying to set up a DNS round robin DNS
zone on time.fortytwo.ch, so everybody can just use a default ntp.conf
and doesn't need to worry ever again.

Right now, it's not operating yet: I need timeservers. As I said,
accuracy is not the issue right now, so even if it's just a router with
stratum 3 or even higher, it can help.

If you want to help, just drop me a note at clockmaster@fortywo.ch (or
reply to this mail, it's the same, really). If you're interested:
there's http://fortytwo.ch/time for more information, including mailing

A further note: this project could, of course, also benefit Debian: as
soon as there's a big enough number of servers, I think the Debian ntp
package could just ship with a default config file that would just work,
for the cases where somebody installs ntp but doesn't know his ISP's ntp

Now I hope to be drowned in email :-)
So long
-- vbi

 * posted to debian-project because (some of) the Debian machines could
 * posted on debian-isp because there's many people with suitable gear
that might be interested.

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