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Install Party


We are a few french students in DESS (last year before becoming
engineer) and we want to organize a little Install Party ...

The main thing is that we want to show (and certainly to provide)
some officials versions of your distribution ...

So, maybe you can offer us some kind of sponsoring by sending us a
few CD's (even some old versions) and we can promote your
distribution ... And find a lot of new developers who can help with
the development/bug tracking/etc ...
Our Install party will be during the first week-end of february and
will be divided in 2 parts : The morning with conferences/demo for
professionals and the rest of the time with a free access. As we are
in Lille (North of France, really close to Belgium & UK) we are
expecting near 100 people in the morning and more than 200 people in
the afternoon !

Thanks a lot!


my address:
Stéphane Cattet
19, rue de Puébla
59000 Lille

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