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Re: debian advocacy suggestions, anyone?

Robert Lemmen wrote:
> i am currently working in vietnam, and me and some people here want to
> start a bit of a linux advocacy campaign because open software is really
> not very popular here.

Great!  Please go ahead!

> it would be two parts actually, one series of linux flyers targeted at
> anyone with a computer, and a debian-specific flyer for people in the it
> business or people who have already been exposed to unix-like systems
> before, and should show debians benefits relative to other linux
> distributions.

May I ask that you use the term GNU/Linux instead of linux?  Yes,
that's nitpicky, but we're at Debian here.

When you start designing and developing the flyers, please use Free
Software and not some proprietary tool that you may be able to get
ahold of.  In summer 2002 several German developers spent some time on
designing a Debian flyer with Free Software (i.e. LaTeX) and separated
content and design, so this flyer is already translated into several

You should be able to use it as basis, even if you should decide to
use a completely different layout.  If you need help with it, you may
want to contact the people who worked on the current flyer.

> we did a bit of brainstorming and came up with the following outline,
> and if anyone of you has additional ideas or comments i would be more
> than happy to hear them.
> --------------------
> - slogan/title
>   "debian gnu/linux -- the universal operating system"
>   /* this is an semi-official slogan and should not be translated but
>    * rather be kept in english */
> - some basic facts about debian
>   /* this should be a bit of history, the realtion to the fsf, the dfsg,
>    * the social contract, and a bit about debian as an organization.
>    * also show off with the number of supported architectures and the
>    * number of developers here */
> /* a list of reasons that speak for debian, also in contrast to other
>  * distributions */
> - truly free
>   /* not a comemrcial vendor, everything gets pushed upstream, comitted
>    * to free software, transparency */
> - massive package base
>   /* show off with the numbers, state trends */
> - stable, maintained
>   /* we don't only pack the software, we maintain it. some packages
>    * differ much from the upstream sources. we prefer proven stable
>    * versions over cutting-edge features */
> - package management system
>   /* we have a very sophisticated package management system, in-place
>    * upgrades, proper dependency tracking, server restarts on upgrade,
>    * automated checks for packages */
> - security
>   /* we have a very competent security team, packages with security
>    * flaws can easily be replaced, most of our users and developers are
>    * extremly security-sensitive so this has a very high priority */
> - one "downside"
>   /* we take the point that most people criticize about debian and make
>    * it useless as an argument here. not such a "nice" setup and the
>    * like. but we are working on it, and most people install it only
>    * once anyway because after that everything works ^-^ */
> - pointers
>   /* debian.org, docs section, debianhelp */

This sounds like you should be able to reuse most if not all of the
current flyer and should mostly add a Vietnamese translation to it.



If nothing changes, everything will remain the same.  -- Barne's Law

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