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Re: Disputes between developers - content, draft #4

On Tue, Nov 05, 2002 at 10:24:39PM -0600, Adam Heath wrote:
> On Tue, 5 Nov 2002, Chris Lawrence wrote:
> > I also believe the technical committee is an inappropriate organ to be
> > making such a pronouncement, particularly since this is an inherently
> > non-technical matter.  Then again, since the tech committee best
> > reflects the concept embodied in our constitution that us mere
> > developers shouldn't be trusted to run the project in any way, shape,
> > or manner, I'm hardly surprised.
> Well, as I understand it, the ctte comes into play when the developer populace
> can't reach a decision.  It appears that Ian is trying to shunt this task away
> from the ctte, and make everyone else do their(his) job for him.
> No document can ever hope to fix or guide every person.  We are humans,
> different, and therefore can't be constrained by this type of document under
> discussion.  This is why the ctte was designed.  To handle these types of
> occurances.
> So, I guess what I am saying, is that this document, while good in idea, is
> already taken care of, by the ctte itself.  We don't need this document.  It's
> all really just common sense, anyways.

These suggestions are useful, but it really doesn't need to be it's
own document. I think there is a place for these suggestions somewhere
in the Developers' Reference. Perhaps we should create a chapter
"Disputes between Developers".
> > My recommendation: either find a consensus that this is needed, or
> > propose it as a general resolution.  For now, I personally don't see
> > the problem as severe enough to justify such a document, and nothing
> > in this discussion has convinced me in the least to change this view.
> A GR is not something that should be used when other avenues are closed.  It
> should be used *sparingly*.  I've seen way to much inclination to play the GR
> card, and this saddens me as to the internal downward spirals it implies.

A GR can't really be used to force people to change the way the behave
toward others. These are _guidelines_ and _suggestions_.

If this document were taken to a GR, and even if it succeeded, those
who didn't like it will simply ignore it.

Duncan Findlay

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