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Re: Disputes between developers - content, draft #4

IMHO this is much more likely to be effective if you first get a
consensus that there is, in fact, a problem that needs to be dealt
with.  The posts in the other thread suggest you haven't got such an

I also believe the technical committee is an inappropriate organ to be
making such a pronouncement, particularly since this is an inherently
non-technical matter.  Then again, since the tech committee best
reflects the concept embodied in our constitution that us mere
developers shouldn't be trusted to run the project in any way, shape,
or manner, I'm hardly surprised.

My recommendation: either find a consensus that this is needed, or
propose it as a general resolution.  For now, I personally don't see
the problem as severe enough to justify such a document, and nothing
in this discussion has convinced me in the least to change this view.

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