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Re: why Ian Jackson won't discuss the "disputes" document draft with me

On Mon, Nov 04, 2002 at 12:34:33AM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:
> > If there are people out there apart from Branden and Manoj who
> > disagree with me about anything to do with this document (or indeed
> > about anything at all in Debian!), I'd like to encourage them to mail
> > me about it.  I promise to do my best to reply constructively.
> Well, Adam Heath, speaking with his Debian BTS Admin hat on, had
> something to say about it.

The current BTS admins (Adam Heath, Josip Rodin, Colin Watson, and myself)
pretty much only involve themselves in technical issues with the BTS;
I've done a couple of things that would fit more under the heading of
"BTS policy" -- notably the introduction of the "serious" severity,
but those have been more as release manager than BTS admin. Which is to say:

-A *DRAFT* joint recommendation of the the Technical Committee, the  
-Project Leader and the Bug Tracking System Administrators.
+A *DRAFT* joint recommendation of the the Technical Committee, and the  
+Project Leader.

Anyway, if following the proposed "disputes between developers guidelines"
isn't enough to get the disputes about the document itself resolved,
it's obviously not good enough as is. 

> In the instant case, maybe people are fearful of going up against the
> legendary Ian Jackson, the Author of Our Package Management System and
> Constitution, and Chairman of the Technical Committee.  

If that's the case, maybe someone who is afraid of disagreeing with Ian
-- even though they'd already have the unsubtle precedent of both Branden
and Manoj -- could speak up, and we could use that information to write a
*better* document about resolving disputes. Personally, I haven't noticed
Debian types to be particularly afraid of dissin' authority figures.

Given no evidence to assume that it is, though, maybe we shouldn't leap
to it as a conclusion just yet?


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