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Re: Microsoft's plans to kill open source: TCPA

On Sat, Nov 02, 2002 at 11:57:51PM +0100, Hauke Goos-Habermann wrote:
> Microsoft plans to kill all OpenSource software on hardware level. This
> technology is called TCPA.
> What's TCPA in general you can read at the anti-tcpa site:
>  http://antitcpa.alsherok.net/

Please note that TCPA is vaporware at the moment.  This means that it
doesn't actually exist yet, and that statements about what it is will
tend to be contradictory.

Anyways, on following the reference and reading it, I'd say this is more
a case of "Industry leaders plan to erode open source" than 'Microsoft
plans to kill open source."  And, by "erode", I mean that in some contexts
it may become more complicated to deploy open source, but that there's
no way this design can eliminate open source in and of itself.



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