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Dear debian-project:

Chongqing Zhanyang Chemical Industry CO., LTD
"YaQi"Brand High Grade Water Based Metal Paint&Coating Products
Brief  Introduction

Chongqing Zhanyang Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a high technology private enterprise mainly engage in 
researching,producing and selling environmental high grade water based metal paint and high 
grade water based paint. Our company has passed ISO9001:2000 standard.

"YaQi" brand products have been conferd "harm&poison-free(green)water based metal paint 
decoration material certificate" by China Association of Decoratior.& Building Materials, and 
also have got "no environmental pollution products certificate" by Chongqing. In Development & 
Research Center of the State Council's No.542 issue "CHINA INDUSTRIAL ECONOMIC", it is said 
"YaQi" Brand High Grade Water Based Metal Paint has been put into production formally in 
DONGFANGHONG Industry Area, Jiangjin City, Chongqing. This marked the end of the history China 
can't produce water based metal paint. The technology is a real first in China, the main 
functions have come up to advanced international standards.

Tested by legal organizations of China, the quality indexes have come up to or surpass 
Q/CZY1-2002 standards, the experts believe: the produce technology is reasonable and ripe, 
installation is advanced, the examine methods are completely, the prescription is advanced, it 
is no poison(the total volatility organic compound content is 16g/L, heavy metal content is 
greatly lower than country's enforce standards), tasteless, no benzene series materials, resist 
burn, good wearability, resist scrub(over 10,000times), good toughness, strong adhesion, large 
paint area, easy for use, construction cost low, etc. The customers' reaction are good.  It is a 
new era no environmental pollution products.

We look for clients,agents & distributors worldwide.
If you need any further information , please kindly inform us.We will provide our best price and 
excellent qualified products to you.
Thank you very much.

Chongqing Zhanyang Chemical Industry CO., LTD
Sales Department:Miss Zhou
Email:zhuomei@email.cta.cq.cn    cqzzm@hotmail.com

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