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Re: Disputes between developers - draft guidelines

Branden Robinson writes ("Re: Disputes between developers - draft guidelines"):
> Overall, it looks great.  Thanks for working on this.
> I have a few suggestions, raging from stylistic and spelling corrections
> to the more substantive, reflecting my own observations of disputes
> (some of which have gone to the Technical Committee, and some which
> haven't).  I'm also confused by one thing, which I've placed in
> brackets.

Thanks for your contribution.

> I'm attaching a diff, and my revised version in the event that it is
> useful.

I'm finding this quite difficult to read.  I'll deal with it this
time, but can I suggest that for text documents, where you think the
changes are likely to want discussion, it might be better to express
your changes in prose ?

I'll respond in detail in private mail, to avoid the public discussion
getting bogged down in details so early on.


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