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Re: apt question

On Mon, Aug 19, 2002 at 02:49:03AM -0500, James Mills wrote:
> I've installed potato from old cd archives I have, now that's all fine 
> and dandy...
> problem is when I change the apt source lists from the cds to any of the 
> current sources (http, ftp), and try to install any of the new apps 
> available, apt tries to remove many apps I already have installed (ie: 
> x-windows, many c libraries etc). not only that but it also thinks that 
> it needs to install a few hundred extra packages as well.

That's because the current sources are for a completely new stable
distribution, woody, which supersedes potato.

You could use sources.list lines that include the word "potato" as
distribution (as opposed to "stable", which will make apt try woody). This
might not get you an up to date mozilla etc, though.

The better option is to completely upgrade to woody. Full instructions about
how to upgrade the whole distribution are in the release notes at

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