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Re: Re: irc.debian.org

You wrote:

> This is what I don't understand. As far as I know the three largest irc
> networks (IRCnet, Undernet and EFnet) are completely run on a voluntary
> basis. They don't have a non-profit to support them and do not ask for
> donations. And they are a lot bigger (over 80k users, while freenode has
> just a bit under 7k according to http://irc.netsplit.de/networks/ ). So
> how come that freenode, a relatively small network, needs so much money?

Sorry, but i don't think you can compare FreeNode and IRCNet.

The IRCNet can run on a free basis because it get's sponsored by ISPs (like
Netsurf, Tisacali, NGNet, Edisontel, Stealth and so on) and universities which
can produce traffic mostly for free.

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