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Re: irc.debian.org

Previously Rob Levin wrote:
> I will point out that we were linpeople.org when the Debian project joined
> us, and linpeople.org began in 1995, well before the boom picked up speed. 
> And we're still here, after the dotcoms have pretty much folded.

Which still makes it a pretty recent network :)

> If you'll look at the notes on http://freenode.info/contrib.shtml it may be
> helpful.  Our initial operating budget consists of two half-time slots, one
> to work on coordinating the network, one to work on researching grants and
> starting other projects.  The pay scale will be low sysadmin.  In addition,
> we'll have a small hardware and office budget.

No, it doesn't. I am still missing the answer to a simple question: 
the largest irc networks out there, which are a LOT larger then
freenode, manage to run their network without any donations at all. So
what makes freenode so special that it needs to hire volunteers?

> The initial projects PDPC intends to work on are described on that page as
> well. In addition to freenode (OPN), we'll be working on vocational,
> educational and advocacy programs.

How will it be different from FSF, EFF, SPI, LI, OSI and others? They
already have people, funds, etc. Why create yet another non-profit?

> If you'd like to have some idea of what's usual for the budget of a
> non-profit corporation with a small number of employees, you should probably
> look around on the canonical site for non-profits in the US, Guidestar
> (http://www.guidestar.com/).

I don't, I want a good raison d'etre for the existance of PDPC and its
need to hire people. I haven't managed to see one so far.


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