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Re: Woody retrospective and Sarge introspective

Le Tue, Jul 30, 2002 at 07:16:59PM -0400, Joey Hess écrivait:
> grep-execuses cron job each day, which I never had to do before testing,
> and looking at complex dependnency issues in testing, and
> downgrading/fixing falsely release critical bugs that keep my packages
> out of testing, and taking care to pace my release frequency so that new
> versions of packages get a chance to get into testing.

But you're doing that because you know that testing will be the next
stable. With candidate, testing would no more be a required "step". It
would be an helper tool saying "this package looks ok".

You certainly woudln't spend as much time as currently making sure
that the package is going into testing. Managing the severity of your
own bugs is a task that you'd continue to do but it's a regular task
whatever dist we have.

> more work for me. Especially if this "candidate" thing requires _manual_
> promotion from testing.

Manual update is a solution, it may not be required. It may be as simple
as uploading a package to "unstable candidate" at the same time when you
know that your package is ok.

> (Not to mention that vast increase in the number of debian developers
> brings with it many problems of its own, which you are ignoring or
> sweeping under the rug with so many other problems.)

Sure ... but those problems are not directly related to the question
that I'm asking here : "can a candidate
distribution help us to release more frequently ?"

I believe that it can, I may even work on it if I manage to convince
some people ...

> If you provide this out, why do you think anyone will bother with doing
> it any other way? 

Because some people follow given guidelines ? Because some people are
reasonable ?

If really needed, we may "moderate" the uploads based on the experience
of each maintainer ... we can invent criteria, but I really don't want
to reinvent testing.

> Good lord man, were you on debian-user and #debian over the last 1.5
> years? Vast, vast confusion.

I follow debian-user-french and i've seen some confusion too. But each
time someone corrected and explained things correctly.

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