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Re: Dear Debain,

On Jul 29, JWright295@aol.com wrote:
> I am the President of ACM at Mississippi State University. I would like to 
> invite someone from your company to do a presentation at MSU for ACM. The 
> topic of the presentation would be up to the presenter, but we would be 
> interested in any presentation on any of the following topics:
>     1. Linux Installation (one of the main barriers keeping people from using 
> Linux)
>     2. Advanced Linux Operations
>     3. Programming in Linux
>     4. Networking Linux boxes
> If no one from your company is available to do a presentation, I will 
> probably do the presentation myself on Linux installation. However, more 
> people would come if you have a representative from your company doing the 
> presentation.
> If I do the presentation myself, I would appreciate it if you could send some 
> "Powered By Linux" stickers and Linux installation CDs.


Although Debian isn't a company per se (really more an organization),
I'd be happy to come down to Starkville (I'm in Oxford) and do a
presentation on Debian sometime during the fall, including an install
demo (you provide the box); I did a demo a couple of weeks back in
Memphis for GOLUM and they were suitably enthralled.

Drop me a private mail and we'll make arrangements.

Chris Lawrence <lawrencc@debian.org> - http://www.lordsutch.com/chris/
Debian Developer

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